Beneficiary:TRADE KONTAKT Ltd.


The amount of the contracted grant : HUF 70.70 MILLION

The intensity of the aid (in %): 50%

Planned completion date of the project: 31. 12.2016

Project identification number: GINOP-1.2.1-15-2015-00225

Our company decided to modernize the technology and production of condensers manufactured for power plant application. The condenser manufacturing and assembling process had been provided by subcontractors that made it difficult to keep the contracted deadline and even the cost-effectiveness was on a low level. However, due to the growing market demand and the increased number of quotation requests of the recent months (i.e. Paks II. and Siemens projects) our business policy and our strategic plan had been reviewed. It was also concluded that our condenser-manufacturing activity and our condenser products undoubtedly have serious market potential if we modernize our production facilities, we exploit our manufacturing experiences and we introduce new products and high technology. The planned development required the purchasing of a CNC drilling and milling station, as well as the redesign and the reorganization of the production process. During the process planning our intention was to take the production into our own hands and to manufacture with our own machinery.



Our application included one equipment a “ New, high torque and high precision CNC metal plate drilling station", in the net value of HUF141 million. Prior to the commissioning of the new equipment, a levelled, vibration-damping machine base had to be prepared and the existing precast concrete had to be covered by oil-resistant coating. The side walls had also been covered with easy-to-clean, oil resistant layer. These latter investments were executed by the implementation of our own resources.